2! Writing from Stage to Podcast

The long-promised scripted content has arrived! In this episode, we talk about how we began our individual writing journeys, leading to our writing collaboration over the years. We then offer our feature presentation: an original audio drama based on a one-act play that’s one of the first things we ever wrote together.

1. 00:02:12 — After Cold Open
2. 00:12:34 — Our Writing Collaboration
3. 00:22:01 — Through the Years
4. 00:34:08 — Process Details
5. 00:39:15 — Feature Presentation
6. 00:51:47 — Outro
7. 00:54:41 — Bonus Content

Visit us at show.backstage.link or send us a text message or voicemail at 818-396-7856.

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