Holiday Special

  • 6! Christmas Movie Extravaganza

    We’re a bit late for Christmas, but this month, we’re talking Christmas movies. What makes a Christmas movie a Christmas movie, and what are our favorite Christmas movies of all time? Tune in and find out! Or don’t! 1. 0:01:21 — After Cold Open2. 0:18:20 — Controversial Christmas Movies3. 0:42:08 — Our Top 5 Christmas Read More

  • 4! Monster Battle Royale (Halloween Special 1)

    Welcome to our first Halloween Seasonal Special episode! This month, we’re pitting the classic Universal Monsters against each other in a no-holds-barred fight to the death. From Dracula to the Phantom of the Opera, who will come out on top? Follow along with your own bracket: 1. 0:00:59 — After Cold Open2. 0:20:17 — Preliminary Read More