• 19! Childhood Cartoons Revisited (Part 1)

    Step back into the golden era of childhood with our latest episode, as we dive deep into the colorful world of classic cartoons. Join us as we reminisce about the magical animation that shaped our youth. From Saturday morning rituals to after-school escapes, we’ll discuss how these timeless treasures captured our imaginations and left a Read More

  • 11! Felis Catus

    Cats may be well represented on the Internet, but Glen and Jim figured they should get some podcast love as well. In this episode, they delve into their history with domestic cats, from their first experiences to their present feline companions. Visit us online at http://show.backstage.link or e-mail us feedback at show@backstage.link. 1. 03:01 — Read More

  • That’s Our Show! Promo

    From “The Backstage Show” to “That’s Our Show!,” Glen and Jim welcome you to their new podcast, premeiring Summer 2022.

  • Coming Soon!

    Coming Summer 2022, a new podcast by Glen and Jim. From the team that brought you The Backstage Show comes That’s Our Show!, a podcast containing random discussions, games, scripted content, and more. Glen and Jim have been looking for a way to bring you their unique brand of humorous babbling without being tethered to Read More