1! Drinking to Our Podcast Return

Welcome back to Glen and Jim’s inane banter!

In our premiere episode, we talk about why we decided to start a new podcast, and what this new show will (and won’t) entail. From there, we talk about our respective introductions to adult beverages (or, “How We Became Alcoholics”). Then it’s a no-holds-barred battle as we each try to identify red and white wines… while blindfolded.

1. 0:02:07 — After Cold Open
2. 0:12:41 — How We Became Alcoholics
3. 0:31:07 — Intro to Wine Tasting Challenge
4. 0:44:44 — Jim’s Wine Tasting
4. 0:58:17 — Wine Tasting Flub
5. 1:00:31 — Glen’s Wine Tasting & Conclusion
6. 1:19:11 — Bonus Content

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