• 7! The Dry Beer Challenge

    Continuing our tradition of being just a little late for holidays (see last month’s December 30 release of our Christmas episode), we bring you our Dry January episode! (Hey at least it’s still January.) Join us as we discuss New Year’s resolutions, what “Dry January” is, and challenge ourselves to identify alcohol-free beers. 1. 0:03:32 Read More

  • 3! From Foley to Our Ears

    We’re back to competition in this episode! To start, we define sound effect foley artistry and discuss our limited experience with it. We then dive into the games, trying to outdo each other by identifying sound effects from classic movies. Who will come out the victor this episode? 1. 0:02:47 — After Cold Open2. 0:13:08 Read More

  • 1! Drinking to Our Podcast Return

    Welcome back to Glen and Jim’s inane banter! In our premiere episode, we talk about why we decided to start a new podcast, and what this new show will (and won’t) entail. From there, we talk about our respective introductions to adult beverages (or, “How We Became Alcoholics”). Then it’s a no-holds-barred battle as we Read More