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  • 2! Writing from Stage to Podcast

    The long-promised scripted content has arrived! In this episode, we talk about how we began our individual writing journeys, leading to our writing collaboration over the years. We then offer our feature presentation: an original audio drama based on a one-act play that’s one of the first things we ever wrote together. 1. 00:02:12 — Read More

  • 1! Drinking to Our Podcast Return

    Welcome back to Glen and Jim’s inane banter! In our premiere episode, we talk about why we decided to start a new podcast, and what this new show will (and won’t) entail. From there, we talk about our respective introductions to adult beverages (or, “How We Became Alcoholics”). Then it’s a no-holds-barred battle as we Read More

  • That’s Our Show! Promo

    From “The Backstage Show” to “That’s Our Show!,” Glen and Jim welcome you to their new podcast, premeiring Summer 2022.

  • Coming Soon!

    Coming Summer 2022, a new podcast by Glen and Jim. From the team that brought you The Backstage Show comes That’s Our Show!, a podcast containing random discussions, games, scripted content, and more. Glen and Jim have been looking for a way to bring you their unique brand of humorous babbling without being tethered to Read More